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Whole Home Surge Protector in Fort Myers, FL

Protect your homeWhole Home Surge Protector Myers, FL technician talking with client. or office with top-tier Fort Myers, FL, licensed electricians!

Don’t Put Up With Any Malarky!

Instead, invest in making sure your home is safe against voltage spikes. Whole home surge protector devices guard every appliance in your house against voltage spikes by shortening or blocking the flow of excess electrical currents.

Our Fort Myers, FL licensed electricians can install surge protection that protects you from an average of 70% of all surges in the home. We have helped businesses and homeowners handle electrical issues for years, putting your safety first.

Why Invest in Whole House Surge Protector Services

Power searches can happen when there’s a disruption to electrical flow. The result is a spike in voltage. Lightning or high energy appliances can cause these surges, resulting in damage to appliances, outlets, even fires.

Many people have extension cords or outlets that have some surge protection qualities to them, but these are not nearly adequate enough to handle all of your appliances in the way a whole house surge protector does.

When our Fort Myers, FL electricians show up to install a whole house surge suppressor, you can rest assured that you will have:

  1. Protection against surges throughout your home
  2. An extended lifespan on your appliances and electronics
  3. Better energy efficiency and reduced energy costs

New requirements in the state of Florida by the National Electric Code (NEC) required surge protection for any replacements and upgrades. Homeowners are responsible for having surge protectors for all electrical systems in their homes or offices.

Our team provides industry-compliant surge protection devices to ensure all of your electronic equipment is safe.

When you call our Fort Myers, FL, local electricians, we will install a new whole-house surge protector that offers extended protection against unwanted power searches.

Why Do I Need Professionals for Whole Home Surge Protection?

We strongly recommend that you call licensed electricians in Fort Myers, FL rather than try to handle whole home surge protector services yourself.

Working with electrical systems comes with inherent risks, the most serious of which is shock. Our Fort Myers, FL electricians have:

  • Years of experience working specifically with electrical systems and whole home surge protection,
  • The right type of safety equipment and personal protection to do the job safely,
  • The time and training to navigate complex hardwiring and safety hazards,
  • Proper understanding of electrical codes, regulations, and different electrical systems

Whole house surge protector services are very complex. While you might understand how one system works, your home might have an electrical system with which you’re unfamiliar. You might not know the regulations or codes for the area. it’s not worth the risk of compromising your safety or the function of your electrical system.

Let our team do all the heavy lifting.

How Much Are Whole House Surge Protector Services in Fort Myers, FL?

When you call Service Minds Mister Sparky of Fort Myers, our team of electricians will show up on time and offer a quick evaluation based on your needs. From there, we’ll go over the cost of a whole home surge protector installation based on the size, design, and labor required.

How Long Does Whole House Surge Protector Installation Take?

Our team will also keep you informed as to how long the whole home surge protector process will take. You’ll receive an estimate on the amount of time we require based on the labor and if anything changes, we will let you know.

Call Our Whole Home Surge Protector Team Today!

With Service Minds Mister Sparky Fort Myers, we make sure your home is safer than when we arrived.

Our Fort Myers, FL licensed electricians know how to diagnose potential hazards in your home and fix them before serious damage takes place.

We always arrive at our scheduled appointment time, respecting your home and your time. With a solid reputation built on trust, professionalism, and expertise, we build lasting relationships with our clients.

Reach out to our local electricians in Fort Myers, FL to give a hand with your electrical issues.