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EV Charging Station Installation in Fort Myers, FL

Add A Charging Station Today With Our Fort Myers, FL, Licensed Electricians!EV Charging Station Installation Fort Myers, FL

According to the Department of Energy, Florida has 167,990 registered electric vehicles. As this number continues to increase annually, so too will the need for EV charging station installation. Electric cars provide an environmentally safe alternative to other vehicles, but getting them charged can be incredibly complicated if your home doesn’t have the right charging station.

With Service Minds Mister Sparky Fort Myers, FL, our dedicated team can provide comprehensive EV charging station installation services that Empower you to easily set up the right type of charging station so that you can get the most convenient access from your vehicle when and where you need it.

EV Charging Station Installation Options

Having an effective charging station at home is contingent on two things:

  1.  First is the electrical supply to your home.
  2.  Second, the EV charging unit that you use.

Charging units are broken down into three levels. At the bottom is level one which are the slowest chargers and at the top is level 3 which are the slowest chargers. The faster a unit is able to charge, the more power it demands and as a result the unit you choose is based strongly on the electrical supply you have to your home which can be upgraded if necessary.

Level 1 Chargers

Level 1 chargers are what comes standard with any electrical vehicle. They rely on a standard outlet in your home so they are ideal for charging your electric vehicle overnight, when you aren’t using a lot of other power in your home.

Level 2 Chargers

Level 2 chargers require our professional Fort Myers, FL licensed electricians for installation. These chargers require a dedicated 240 volt circuit so that there’s enough power to more quickly charge your vehicle. for every hour that you charge you can add another 70 miles of driving to your vehicle.

Level 3 Chargers

Level 3 chargers also require our local electricians for professional installation in Fort Myers. These can recharge an electric vehicle battery to 80% capacity in a matter of 30 minutes or less. These are considered commercial grade because they require industrial power levels in order to work. it is unlikely that this is the best option for your home because you may not have the power supply necessary.

How long does EV charging station installation take in Fort Myers, FL?

When our team arrives on time and ready to get started, we will provide an assessment of the cost you can expect and the time required. In most cases, installation for level 1 or 2 chargers can be completed in a matter of hours.

Picking The Best Charging Station with Service Minds Mister Sparky

At Service Minds Mister Sparky of Fort Myers, we understand that picking the right type of charging station can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know much about your options or the best amperage. When you call our local electricians in Fort Myers, FL, we will conduct a thorough assessment and give you an analysis of what systems might work best for your needs.

Most people are fine with a level one charger if they’re able to charge their vehicle overnight but some people might want the upgraded options afforded by a level 2 design.

When our team comes to your home, we will help you review common issues related to picking an EV charging station, including:

  1. Deciding which level charger can be supported by your home electrical system
  2. What charger is best for your car
  3. What electrical upgrades are needed for your car charging station to work safely
  4. How to comply with local and national codes

What Is The Best Amperage For My Breaker Panel for EV Charging Station Installation?

When our Fort Myers, FL, licensed electricians come to your home, we will show up on time with the tools to get the job done right. More importantly, we will help you decide what amperage you need based on the type of car you have.

In some cases you might have to upgrade if you need a higher amp service, something our team can handle.

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