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Commercial Electrician in Fort Myers, FL

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Every business is reliant on proper commercial electrical solutions like the right types of circuit breakers, smoke detectors, and switches or outlets. But sometimes, there are emergencies or the need for temporary power solutions, especially during a natural disaster. Other times, you just need to upgrade your electrical panel or install new outdoor lighting for a patio and dining area.

Whatever your commercial electrical needs, our team is here to provide top-of-the-line, high-quality service at affordable rates.

Common Commercial Electrician Services

With Service Minds Mister Sparky, you can get help with all of your commercial electrical needs. We offer several services with our Fort Myers, FL, licensed electricians, including:

  • Emergency Repairs
  • Electrical Repair
  • Electrical Inspections & Code Compliance
  • Circuit Breakers
  • EV Charger Installation
  • Wiring
  • Troubleshooting Electrical Outages
  • Motor Control Circuits
  • Electrical Panels
  • Generators
  • High-Voltage Connections
  • Smoke Detectors
  • Electrical Switches & Outlets
  • Temporary power solutions
  • Indoor Lighting Installation
  • Outdoor Lighting Installation

Get Commercial Electrical Services with Service Minds Mister Sparky

Each time your company turns on the lights, operates a machine, or uses a computer, it relies on electricity, and even minor electrical issues in a commercial setting can quickly cripple your business. More importantly, they can pose a fire hazard.

With our Fort Myers, FL, local electricians, you can ensure your business doesn’t suffer from common electrical issues.

When to Hire Commercial Electrical Services

But when is it time to make the call and let our local commercial electricians in Fort Myers, FL, get you the repair you need?

If you see things like the following, don’t wait for them to get worse:

  1. Outlets that produce heat or spark
  2. Electronics that begin to fail more and more often
  3. Breakers that trip with increasing frequency
  4. Lights that flicker or hum, especially when you use other equipment

If your building or office is old, the electrical panel might be outdated. The labels might be disorganized or illegible, making it frustrating and a safety hazard when you need to replace an outlet or change a light switch.

Chances are you haven’t spent a lot of time with the electrical panel, or wiring in your commercial building. You might have wires that weren’t properly grounded, or insufficient space, older outlets that are only two pronged or are so old that whatever you plug in barely makes a connection.

Your circuit breakers need to provide enough electricity to meet your company needs. If you have circuit breakers with too many appliances or machines it can overload the panel causing melted wires or worse.

Call our team if your electrical needs are no longer met by the electrical panel you have or if you have outdated equipment that needs to be fixed.

Trusted Fort Myers, FL Electricians

With Service Minds Mister Sparky of Fort Myers, you can work with a trusted team that handles all of your professional needs. We make it easy to keep your business up and running by wiring new equipment, inspecting your panels, or handling other specialized needs.

As a business you need electricians in Fort Myers, FL who can handle commercial grade equipment and long-lasting electrical solutions.

With Service Minds Mister Sparky, you get just that. All of our licensed electricians in Fort Myers, FL undergo regular professional training so that they are up to date on any code changes and the latest electrical technology that can meet your commercial needs. Using premium components our team will exceed expectations by conforming to electrical safety standards fit for your business.

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