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Emergency Electrical Services in Fort Myers, FL

24/7 Emergency Electrical Services in Fort Myers!Emergency Electrical Services in Fort Myers, FL

Electrical emergencies are the cause of nearly one third of structural fires. It’s important to take these emergencies seriously and connect with our Fort Myers, FL licensed electricians as soon as you suspect a problem.

For your safety you should let our local electricians in Fort Myers, FL handle your emergency electrical services to ensure that your repairs are code compliant and to avoid potential shock or fire hazards. We make sure no additional hazards are hiding beneath the surface and that you can rest easy with safe electrical repairs.

Common Emergency Electrical Services Myers, FL

Identifying an electrical emergency is not always easy. Sometimes the signs are vague, and you know in your gut that they represent a problem, but you don’t necessarily know that they represent an emergency.

If you have sensed something that isn’t right in your home, call us for emergency electrical  services where local electricians can take a look and diagnose the services you need.

Burning Smells

The most common reason to call licensed electricians in Fort Myers, FL is a burning smell especially near your breaker box, outlets, or ducts. If you have an unidentified burning smell it could indicate an electrical hazard. Pay particular attention to smells that are akin to burning plastic or a lingering smell that comes and goes usually when you turn on certain appliances.

Buzzing Sounds

The second most common reason electricians in Fort Myers, FL get called is because of a buzzing or humming sound coming from the breaker box. Under normal circumstances, when you run power you’ll hear a small buzzing but if that sound gets progressively louder it could indicate an overloaded circuit and a significant risk of a fire hazard.

Tripping Breaker

When you run your washing machine and your air conditioner kicks on, does the circuit breaker trip? Does it regularly trip when you plug in a hair dryer in the bathroom and run the microwave at the same time?

If your circuit breaker is continually tripping, it could indicate several problems, including:

  1. An outdated breaker box that can’t accommodate the amount of electricity your home uses
  2. An older circuit breaker box that needs to be replaced
  3. A hot wire touching the ground
  4. An appliance short-circuiting, moving electricity outside of the circuit

In any of these cases you risk significant damage and electrical fires or power outages if the problem is left unattended.

Flickering Lights

When your lights flicker on occasion, it could indicate the light bulb is going out, but if they persistently flicker, especially when you run your dishwasher and blender at the same time or each time you use your microwave, this indicates a much more substantial problem like:

  1. Circuit overload
  2. Excess voltage
  3. Loose wiring

These are all minor emergencies that should be inspected immediately before they get worse.

Serious Electrical Emergencies

While all of the issues above are very dangerous, there are five other electrical emergencies that are even more so.


If you or someone else received a shock from your outlets or switches, it could indicate several things, such as:

  1. Old outlets with no ground wires, in desperate need of replacement and upgrades with a safety barrier (a ground wire)
  2. Loose screws
  3. Frayed wiring
  4. Water sources near your electricity source

Older outlets need to be replaced with safer upgrades that include ground wires. If you have an older home in Florida, this is something to have inspected and repaired. If you have broken cords or frayed wiring, you could get a shock when you plug in your appliance, and this is also something to be aware of.

More severe, though, is any water source near your electrical source, and in Florida, this could be the result of flooding, high humidity, or other pooling that needs to be addressed safely.


If you don’t just smell smoke but see smoke, this indicates problems like overloading a single outlet with too many devices, wiring issues, or loose plug-in connections.

Electricity can transfer to debris or dirt that has built up within an outlet, too, and this can cause an electrical fire.

Power Loss

If there’s a storm, you might expect to lose power, but if you pay your bill every month and you regularly lose power and no one else in your neighborhood does, this could indicate a significant hazard with your breaker box, one that we need to diagnose and replace immediately.


You and your family are at a high risk of electrocution whenever water mixes with electricity. If you have an improper seal or older cables to your meter box, water can soak in and cause corrosion. Over time, this can increase the heat production and lead to a fire, so it’s important that you reach out to our Fort Myers, FL, licensed electricians for a diagnosis and emergency repair.


If you have an active electrical fire, call 911 and have the fire put out. Once the immediate threat has passed, call our local emergency electricians in Fort Myers, FL, to inspect and diagnose the cause of your electrical fire and perform any repairs and preventative measures to ensure your system is back up and running safely.

Emergency Electrical Services in Fort Myers, FL Costs

When there’s an emergency, you might not know what to expect in terms of pricing. But don’t hesitate to call our local electricians for emergency electrical services. We provide honest, fair pricing and are upfront about everything you can expect after our initial assessment of the damage.

There are several factors that can influence the cost and the time it takes to complete an emergency electrical repair:

  1. Location

The first is the location of the issue. If your electrical emergency is something like a small fire from an outlet, it might be a simple repair that’s done at the location of the outlet but it might also be something that gets traced back to your circuit breaker and requires new wiring.

We will assess the damage and determine what areas of the home we have to access in order to achieve your repair.

  1. Severity

The severity of the damage is another factor that influences the potential cost and time required. We will help you budget for your emergency electrical services by letting you know how severe we think the damage is after an initial assessment.

By explaining the severity, we can better understand the hours we think it will take, the tools, and any additional parts.

  1. Parts

Tangentially, if we need to order new parts for replacement, that can increase how long it takes for the repair to be completed and how much it costs. We will be upfront and honest with you about what appliances or products need to be replaced and what we can repair.

We also work hard to ensure that you get replacement parts as quickly as you need them so that you are not without power when you rely on them the most.

Can I do my own emergency electrical repairs?

Minor repairs like replacing an outlet cover or switching out a light bulb are certainly things that can be handled on your own but with emergencies there is a much higher likelihood of shock or electrical fire.

That is why we advise against trying to handle emergency electrical services without a licensed electrician. Our team understands the safety requirements and the steps necessary for all manner of emergencies to keep you and your family safe.

Why Work with Service Minds Mister Sparky in Fort Myers, FL

When you are facing electrical problems it’s imperative that you have them repaired safely. This means bringing in a trained electrician who can handle all potential hazards. Certified professionals also come with the right licensing and insurance requirements for any mishaps.

Our Fort Myers electricians have the tools and equipment needed to perform emergency electrical repairs without making things worse.


When you work with Service Minds Mister Sparky in Fort Myers, FL, you can trust that we are familiar with all the steps needed to safely repair or replace any of your electrical problems. Not only that, but we can also effectively diagnose the issue and let you know exactly what secondary or tertiary solutions might be in your best interest.


Each of our electricians is not only a local familiar with common electrical problems in Fort Myers and how to fix them, but is licensed, which means they can safely perform any of the repairs and replacements you need in adherence to the National Electrical Code (NEC).

Peace of Mind

With us, you get peace of mind knowing that we are leaders in the industry with the specialized training and tools necessary to handle any  emergency electrical services you might need, day or night.

Fort Myers’ on-time electrician! Call us today to get immediate help with electrical emergencies.