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Outdoor Lighting Installation in Fort Myers, FL

Light Up Your Yard with Outdoor Lighting Installation Fort Myers, FL

Outdoor Lighting Installation Fort Myers, FL

With Service Minds Mister Sparky, we are a leader in outdoor lighting installation in Fort Myers. Our electricians can handle any outdoor lighting project, no matter the size. We treat each client as though they are our neighbors because they are. Our local Fort Myers electricians will deliver top-quality results, whether you need smart lighting integration, security flood lights, or ambient lighting for an outdoor garden.

Planning Your Fort Myers, FL Outdoor Lighting Installation

When it comes time to plan your outdoor lighting solution, we can help you decide which types of lights are best.

  • Do you need task lighting so that you can easily see when swimming in your pool at night or hosting a barbecue and cooking?
  • Are you looking for extra security with floodlights that are motion activated?
  • Do you prefer lighting up your garden or outdoor seating area with ambient lighting that is warm and welcoming but not overpowering?
  • Are you a business looking to add safe and bright lighting to an outdoor dining area?

We can help you determine whether you have existing light fixtures and wires that can handle the installation necessary, or whether you need to make adjustments to rewire in order to support higher amperage.

We can help you review the amperage for residential or commercial light fixtures so that you don’t overload your circuits, fuses, or electrical panels.

If you’re installing lighting, we can help you calculate the total amperage you need depending on things like the wattage of the bolts. Our team will make sure that each of your amps and circuits conform to local and national electrical regulations.

Garden Lighting Installation

Florida has reliably nice weather most of the year, and if you have any outdoor space for relaxation or entertaining, you want to be able to enjoy it day or night. To help you with this, our local electricians in Fort Myers, FL, can install the right outdoor lighting installation, including:

  • Ambient lighting over a social seating area or BBQ area
  • Deck or patio lighting for safety and relaxation
  • Pool lighting so your family can play all day and night
  • Pathway lighting so you can safely walk around your yard
  • Accent lighting to highlight unique tropical plants in your garden
  • Up lighting around a large tree or garden

Outdoor Security Lighting

Our Fort Myers, FL, licensed electricians can ensure you have the right security lights to feel safe at night. We can strategically install outdoor flood lights or spotlights and even install smart solutions that let you dim your flood lights once you confirm the sound is just a bird or a deer rather than an intruder.

Smart Outdoor Lighting Integration

With Service Minds Mister Sparky of Fort Myers, our local electricians remain up to date on the latest technological advancements. That extends to smart lighting and integration. We can help you find products for:

  • Outdoor pathway lighting
  • Outside stair lights
  • String lights for a garden

With each of these, our Fort Myers, FL, licensed electricians can help you find voice controls, install outdoor lighting that has a schedule so the lights turn on and off as nighttime approaches, or install dimmers that allow you to check the source of an unexplained sound or create a warm, welcoming glow for an evening soiree.

Year Round Installation

We specialize in year round installation. We know that weather in Florida stays warm and inviting more often than not, but the sun and humidity can take their toll.

That means your outdoor lighting solutions need to be ruggedized, with the right weatherproofing, and installed in such a way that they are protected. We can help you use recessed spaces, overhangs, and eaves for successful outdoor security lighting installation or control panel installation.

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