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Lightning Strike Evaluation in Fort Myers, FL

Fort Myers, FL Lightning Strike Evaluation Florida has earned the nickname “Lightning Capital” for a good reason: it has the highest number of lightning strikes out of any state. According to the National Weather Service, lightning strikes are the most common weather-related phenomenon in Florida. Lightning strikes cause hundreds of deaths, thousands of injuries, and hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage annually.

As a warm state surrounded by water, the risk of a lightning strike hitting your home could send a surge of power through everything in your home.

If you have experienced a lightning strike, our licensed electricians in Fort Myers, FL, can conduct a lightning strike evaluation to determine what damage took place and what repairs are needed to get you up and running.

Why Get Lightning Strike Evaluations Fort Myers, FL

During a lightning strike, your home could receive a sudden jolt of power running through all of the power lines into your home and everything connected to an outlet.

This causes a great deal of damage:

  1. A massive influx of heat that melts your wires
  2. Heat strong enough to burn off any insulation or connections in your circuit breaker
  3. Tripped GFCI protection in your outlets
  4. Arcing or sparking from your outlets and switches
  5. Burned out electronics or appliances

At Service Minds, Mister Sparky of Fort Myers, our local electricians in Fort Myers, FL, can bring your home back up to safety standards by replacing damaged wiring or other critical components, repairing your circuit breaker, and replacing things like smoke detectors, outlets, or switches that were damaged as well.

Lightning Strike Repairs: The Mister Sparky Difference

Our local electricians in Fort Myers, FL, are highly skilled and receive ongoing education to ensure that they are up to date on the latest local and state codes. Each of our team members arrives at your door with experience, safety, and hard work at the ready.

We run extensive background checks and do regular drug testing on our employees so that you can feel safe letting us into your home to find damage caused by a lightning strike that you might not notice.

By letting our team inspect critical areas for any signs of malfunction or damage from lightning strikes, we can prevent more serious risks like shortages, injuries, or electrical fires.

What’s more, our Fort Myers, FL electricians can give you an extensive invoice that breaks down the exact repairs necessary so that you can coordinate with a homeowners insurance policy if applicable.

Preventative Services: Surge Protection

With Service Minds Mister Sparky of Fort Myers, our local electricians will work with you to evaluate whether a whole home surge protection installation is a viable way to prevent lightning strikes from affecting you again.

These devices act like circuit breakers for your home, and in the event of a surge like a lightning strike, they cut off the electrical grid and protect everything inside it.

This service can save thousands of dollars in the long term by preventing damage to your home and your valuables.

Like any of the services we provide, our Fort Myers, FL, licensed electricians will go over an estimate with you so you know exactly what to expect in terms of costs and labor if you choose to invest in surge protection.

Don’t Put Up With Any Malarky!

Turn to Service Minds Mister Sparky of Fort Myers for your lightning strike evaluations.