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Electrical Panel Replacement in Fort Myers, FL

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With Service Minds Mister Sparky, our Fort Myers, FL licensed electricians provide reliable and efficient upgrades when you are ready to replace your electrical panel.

In some cases, you buy a new home in Florida, only to check out the paneling and see it is a mess that is not only complicated and poorly wired but not up to code.

In other cases, you find that your home’s electrical system isn’t sufficient to support the modifications or improvements you want.

In any situation, our Fort Myers, FL, electricians can help you replace an outdated electrical panel or upgrade one that isn’t working. Electrical panel upgrades and replacements are not things you should try to do yourself. Our highly trained and licensed Fort Myers, FL local electricians have the skills to modify all of the wiring in your home or office safely.

When To Get Electrical Panel Replacement in Fort Myers

But how do you know it’s time to work with our local electricians in Fort Myers, FL, on an electrical panel replacement?

Electrical companies have a main power line connecting directly to a power meter outside your home. Your electrical panel is usually placed in a basement, closet, or garage. There are many signs that it’s time for an electrical panel replacement:

Sign #1

First, you notice that your appliances aren’t running at full power. One of the biggest indicators of this is when your lights flicker or dim when you use something else in your home. If you run an appliance like a hair dryer and you notice the bathroom lights flicker or you turn on your AC and it causes the living room lights to dim for a second, this indicates that your home’s electrical panel can’t provide the electricity you need. It’s time for a Fort Myers electrical panel replacement.

Sign #2

Second, you notice that your breakers constantly trip when you turn something on or when you turn on more than one thing in the same room.

Older homes had different electrical standards, and they might not be able to accommodate modern devices running at the same time like:

  • A/C
  • Dryers
  • HD TVs

So if you have more than one appliance on at the same time or you turn on your oven and your microwave, and it causes your circuit breakers to trip regularly, this indicates an overloaded circuit and the need for Fort Myers, FL, electrical panel replacement.

Sign #3

Third, you hear cracking noises from your electrical panel. Your panel shouldn’t be sending crackling noises, but if you hear it, it could indicate a damaged wire and the need for a replacement.

If your electrical panel is malfunctioning or out of date, it can cause problems, such as your breaker constantly tripping or, worse, melting wires, smoking, or even catching fire. If you have an electrical panel that’s malfunctioning, you could be without power at a critical moment.

So don’t hesitate to call our licensed electricians in Fort Myers, FL, and keep your family safe with a code-compliant upgrade.

Sign #4

Fourth, you notice that some of the circuit breakers are rusted. Rusted circuit breakers are a common issue for Florida homes that don’t have enough ventilation or struggle with high humidity. They can cause a significant risk of damage and electrical fires.

Sign #5

Fifth, when you check out your electrical panel, it should be hot to the touch. If you touch your electrical panel and it feels warm or you notice a burning smell, that can indicate that the wiring in your panel is exposed or damaged. Exposed wires can lead to fires, so it’s best to call our team for a replacement immediately.

Sign #6

Sixth, if your home has a split bus panel or a fuse block panel, the technology behind electrical panels has changed over the last several decades. Forty years ago, you might have had a split-bus design that uses half a dozen breakers rather than one. Today, the amount of power that is used in a modern home is significantly higher and, therefore, requires updated electrical panels.

Tangentially, replacement parts may no longer be manufactured for outdated components, so if you need a repair, your only option might be a replacement.

If you suspect that you have a fuse block panel or split-bus panel, something that is outdated, get a hold of us to go over a replacement.

Why Work With Service Minds Mister Sparky of Fort Myers

Our electricians in Fort Myers, FL, operate with the skills and professionalism you deserve. Our highly trained team members undergo extensive background checks, ongoing education, and regular drug testing to give you peace of mind about the professionals you let into your home.

We always answer when you call.

We respect your time and show up when we say we will.

Your electrical panel replacement will be done correctly the first time, so you don’t have to worry about secondary issues or replacements for your replacements.

We also keep you in the loop. As soon as our team arrives, we’ll explain what we plan to do, offer a diagnosis, and provide a breakdown of not only what it will cost but also what you can expect in terms of labor.