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Electrical Grounding in Fort Myers, FL

Stay Code-Compliant with Our Fort Myers, FL Fort Myers, Fl electrical grounding technician working on homeowner's property.Local Electricians!

If you have an older Florida home or business, you might have grounding issues. One of the biggest causes of grounding issues in the need for electrical grounding services is having outdated wiring or outlets in your home that need to be modernized with GFCI outlets.

Signs You Need Electrical Grounding Fort Myers, FL

  1. The first sign that you need electrical grounding services is if you have a home that is more than 20 years old. It is worth getting an inspection to determine whether you are code-compliant or need repairs and replacement services.
  2. The second sign is if you hear low buzzing sounds from your electrical system.
  3. The third sign that you should hire our licensed electricians in Fort Myers, FL, for electrical grounding services is if you get a small shock whenever you touch metal like appliances or pipes in your home.
  4. The final sign that you need our Fort Myers, FL, local electricians is if you have older electrical outlets in your home, especially in the bathrooms or kitchens that are not GFCI outlets.

Don’t Put Up With Any Malarky!

Call our team of expert electricians now for an assessment. Our Fort Myers, FL, electricians can troubleshoot any issues and make Corrections so that your home or office is as safe as possible.

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters (GFCI) Installation

One of the most common electrical grounding services we offer is GFCI outlet installation. GFCI Outlets are designed to stop power flow as soon as something goes wrong so that it doesn’t cause a spark, shock, or fire in your home.

These can prevent surges from damaging your electrical appliances and prevent more serious damage like electrical fires and electrocution. But many older homes in Florida don’t have modern GFCI Outlets where they should. Florida code requires that they be installed in any place that has a water source, including your kitchen, bathroom, or outside areas.

Don’t wait until things become an emergency. Have an inspection done today so that you can have rewiring or installation services done to keep your home grounded.

At Service Minds Mister Sparky, we put your safety first. Our local electricians in Fort Myers, FL, can handle all of your electrical needs, including GFCI outlet installation or home rewiring so that you have the grounding you need.

Why Choose Service Minds Mister Sparky in Fort Myers, FL

When you need electrical grounding in Fort Myers, FL, you need our team of professionals. Electricity is a dangerous thing to work with and if you don’t know how to Implement safety standards or use the right equipment it can pose a safety threat.

Don’t Put Up With Any Malarky!

We are just a phone call away when you need electrical grounding in Fort Myers.


The biggest reason to hire our licensed electricians is safety. We provide safety measures for you, your family, and your home. Improper repairs can cause significant problems.


Our team members show up on time with all the tools to keep your home clean while undergoing the necessary repairs or installations. More than that, you can trust every electrician who walks through your doors because they undergo background checks before hiring and adhere to a code of ethics and regular drug testing.